Farewell Summer Tomato

The Perfect Tomato

It’s after Labor Day. The garden is almost done. But there was a tomato. I got the seeds from Archie about three years ago. He got the tomatoes at the farmers market. The first couple of years the tomatoes I got from those seeds were ordinary. This year, the tomatoes were astonishingly good. My wife got me a little cutting board and a salt cellar because – I have no idea why. But today the tomato needed that little board and a pinch of salt from that cellar. It also needed some olive oil, but what I had was a sample from a Sicilian producer and some balsamic from a source that I prefer not to name. This tomato was the reason I save seeds.

Thanks, Jeff, for the post. That’s a mighty great tomato.

We recommend sublime selections from Sicily for tomatoes like this: Rosso Grand Cru from Villa Zottopera, Titone Bio DOP, Frantoi Cutrera Primo DOP, and Ravida Old Grove. 

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