Branzino Makes the Salad

We’ve been enjoying Branzino on these late summer days. This is our new favorite recipe.
Assemble the following for a perfect late-summer salad:
Separately steam, prep, and chill the following ingredients before composing the salad: green beans, baby potatoes, hard boiled eggs.

Fill serving dish with a layer of arugula. Top with green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggs. Add fillet of Branzino. Generously drizzle the salad with the olive oil from the Branzino, additional extra virgin olive oil, and squeezes of lemon juice. Serve with crusty, grilled bread.

*For this salad, we recommend selections from southern Italy or Sicily, including Raro from Madonna dell’OlivoFrantoi Cutrera Primo DOPRosso Grand Cru from Villa Zottopera, or Titone Biologica DOP.