End of Summer Burrata Salad

Tomatoes and Burrata with Olio del Carmine and a touch of basil
Tomatoes and Burrata with Olio del Carmine and a touch of basil

Burrata is a fresh, creamy semi-soft Italian cheese. Let’s call it a cousin to fresh mozzarella. Burrata’s outer layer is fresh mozzarella, while the inside is creamy. The soft, stringy curd is milky and buttery. Somehow it is both indulgent and light! It’s best to serve this cheese promptly after purchase, and certainly within 48 hours.

With the last few weeks of summer slipping away, you can expect a final wave of barbecues. Whether you are hosting or attending, amaze your friends and family with a delicious recipe.

This August salad is so simple and so good. Select your favorite serving dish. Add colorful heirloom tomatoes sliced to bite size. Assemble with fresh basil. Add the ball of Burrata. Use a knife to break open the cheese. Season with Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper. Drizzle Burrata, tomatoes, and basil generously with best quality Italian extra virgin olive oil for a taste sensation. Here we used a selection from Marche, Olio del Carmine. This is also a perfect recipe to highlight the excellent Ascolana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Enjoy the freshness of summer on your plate!

Serves 3-4 as a side dish.