Prep Your Pantry: Blizzard Ready Foods from Italy

snowblizzardkitSooner or later, much of the country will be inundated by a storm. At this time of year, snow storms and blizzards reign. Is your pantry ready to make the most of your time at home?

Recently, more than half of the country has dealt with stay-at-home weather. Whether you have experienced the rains in the Northwest, the mountain snows, the blizzards of the northern plains, or just plain winter in the northeast, it’s a good time to keep a well stocked pantry. We’ve prepared a Blizzard Ready SnowKit.

We have had a lot of fun looking around the warehouse, selecting great Italian foods we’d enjoy while snowed in! These are the meals and snacks we enjoy between rounds of shoveling.

Stock your cucina with these:

Riflessi, a great Tuscan extra virgin olive oil from Fonte di Foiano. With great aroma and medium intensity, this can be a divine workhorse as it pairs well with a range of great foods.

Passata from Mirogallo is a base of sauce or pizza. Add herbs of your choice to enliven you meal.

Antimo Molino Caputo Flour, with Double-Ought (00), Semola (fine semolina), and Fiore Glut (Gluten free), you can enjoy your time off while making pasta, or baking focaccia, bread, and pizza. Or bake bread with Riflessi!

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Cattani Olivewood and White Balsamic Vinegars have a home in every pantry. The lighter, White Balsamic Vinegar is perfect for fresh greens with herbs and steamed vegetables. Olivewood Balsamic is an entry point to the stages of production of traditional Balsamic vinegar. Drizzle over rich “greens” like radicchio, add drops to tortellini en brodo, and for dessert drizzle over strawberries or good vanilla ice cream. (You’ve stocked up for the storm, haven’t you?)

DeCarlo Olives – large meaty Cerignola or medium and milder Termite di Bitetto. Great for appetizers, snacks, and in drinks (your martini or bloody mary?), they do double duty on pasta and pizza. If necessary, Cerignola olives make eyes for snowmen.

Librandi Arance Orange Marmalade. On that first snowy morning, when the skies are clear, and the sidewalks, streets, and driveways are not yet clear, reach for this sunny marmalade from the Librandi family in Calabria. This is sure to become a year-round favorite.

Lastly, the Sicilian Busiate from Ciccio Dorazio, together with Sugo alla Norma from Frantoi Cutrera’s Segreti di Sicilia line, make a fine and satisfying dinner with this famed eggplant-enhanced sauce.


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