Quick Quattrociocchi Peppers and Ricotta Pasta

Stop by at lunch on Saturday and you join us for our Staff Lunch.

This week’s lunch featured Quattrociocchi Chilli Peppers Pate tossed with ricotta and Rustichella’s Sagne e Pezzi Pasta.

Quattrociocchi Chilli Peppers Peperoncino Pate

What’s the recipe?

1 (500 gr) bag of Rustichella Sagne e Pezzi Pasta

1/4 C Quattrociocchi Chilli Peppers Pate

6-8 oz Ricotta

a slosh of pasta water

Excellent olive oil for finishing

It’s that easy!

Rustichella Sagne e Pezzi
Tenuta Romano Ortice Riserva