Notes on the Harvest: Fall 2018

La Poderina Toscana, in the mill
Photo Courtesy of La Poderina Toscana (Poderi Borselli)

For all farmers, the harvest is the culmination of the year’s work.  It’s no different for those who grow olive trees. And, typically, a good (or bad) year for olives is predicted just a few days or weeks earlier by the conditions of the grapes of the wine producers’ harvest. 

While there were certainly regional differences in 2018, we found that most producers described the spring as rainy and cold (impacting and delaying bud break, summer as pleasant (good growing conditions, although some areas were too dry) and the harvest challenging, due to excessive rain.

While we are optimistic about the quality of the oils we have received, there have been some issues of availability. A good handful of producers from north to south have expressed they will have limited total volumes this year. 

By September, we were very eager for the first harvest reports, and we were warned that yields were lower and prices would increase. We optimistically organized our first, very early shipment with Frantoi Cutrera Frescolio, La Poderina Toscana Argento, Fonte di Foiano Nuovo Raccolto, and Tenute Librandi Appena Franto.  We were rushing these to port and should have doubled our orders as three of these selections sold out within days of their arrival. A separate delivery of Fratelli Colletti also arrived and sold out quickly! (So much clamoring for great, fresh, extra virgin olive oil!)

Storm damage in Tuscany

As the harvest season continued, we were concerned with availability and timing.  Products carrying DOP certification can take an extra 30 days to get the Seal or stamp of approval. 

Each week we are receiving lush, fresh, appealing new harvest selections. Now in: Tenute di Capezzana Organic Olio Nuovo, Olio Verde, Titone Organic, and Frescobaldi First Press (sold out!), in a stunning 30th Anniversary gold bottle. 

The latest arrivals: Tuscan selections from Dievole, most notably Primo Raccolto and Frantoio Franci’s AntePrima, plus Gerbino from di Giovanna at Sambuca di Sicilia. 

Visit us often for your opportunity to try all of the new harvest selections from Olio2go.