Lazio, The Region of Rome

Lazio, the Region of Rome, is known as Latium in Latin. It is the region of the Etruscans – the founders of Rome and Viterbo. Outside of Rome, the region’s rural economy is dominated by agriculture, including cultivation of wine grapes, fruit, vegetables and olives—-for lively olive oils.

Agricola Due Leoni, Lazio
Agricola Due Leoni, Lazio

In recent times, Lazio is famous for Amatrice, where the devastating earthquake took place in August 2016. And, for a long time, Amatrice has been famous as the home of {pasta} alla Amatriciana.

There are five provinces within the region of Lazio: Viterbo, Rieti, Rome, Latina, and Frosinone.

Map of Lazio, Credit: Wikipedia
Map of Lazio, Credit: Wikipedia

The food specialties of Lazio are central to the mission of tourists in this wonderful region.  In Lazio, there is a delight in good food. Meats and fats, are well compensated by an abundance of produce. You can see our favorite products from Lazio, here.

One clever guide says that the foods of Lazio are borne of the products of the shepherd. Think Lamb. You may also find more chicken here than in other areas.In Lazio, there are particular days of the week for food. Gnocchi on Thursday. Friday, fish (of course). Sunday will be lamb.

The menu of famous dishes includes:

Carciofi all Romana, Stuffed Artichokes


Gnocchi alla Romana, made with semolina

Bucatini all’amatriciana with pancetta or guanciale

Crostata with fruit or jam

Ricotta desserts

Source: Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, Fred Plotkin, (c)2014