Vicidomini Pasta at Olio2go

Vicidomini Eliche Cascarecce -- It's pasta!
Vicidomini Eliche Cascarecce — It’s pasta!

Around here we’re calling it “Vici”  (VEE-chee) — that’s the Vicidomini artisanal pasta from a family that’s been making pasta commercially since 1812. (Do I hear an overture?) Vicidomini comes to us from near Salerno in Campania — the land of buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes! No wonder they have the best pasta. It’s well priced at $6.50 per 500 gram bag. Try it with a local olive oil such as Gargiulo’s Syrenum DOP Penisola Sorrentina 2008 or a Sicilian, Santisi 2008.


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