Are you ready for the olive oil challenge? Did your olive oil come from grocery store shelves? Perhaps golden-green in color, labeled to perfection, and eagerly awaiting its final home on the kitchen counter of home cooks everywhere. You count on it to be fresh, made from the finest olives in Italy, or other countries, and promising health benefits that range from cancer prevention, heart health, diabetes support, and more. Tossed with a vegetables, used in salad dressing, great with grilled meats, it’s made to perfection. It’s your favorite EVOO and nothing else will suffice. Right?


The old saying –what you don’t know won’t hurt you — quickly comes to mind. Though in this case, it’s not going to play out so well. The facts are astonishing, the realization alarming. And now for the Olive Oil Challenge!

(If you didn’t buy it from us) there’s a good chance your olive oil is FAKE.

According to a recently published article in Money Magazine:

80% of olive oil in the US is fake.

Olive oil commonly marketed as Italian is often grown elsewhere and packaged in Italy, allowing for “Bottled in Italy” to be included on the label. (Read more on the 60 Minutes Agromafia story here).

Some oils are color enhanced, mixed with chemicals or blended with other types of oil before being sold, seed oil for example, posing health risks to those allergic to seed oil.

What does this mean?


False labeling. 

Mis-branded or adulterated. 



Health risks.

The U.S. House of Representatives is proposing changes in 2017 to food legislation, addressing concerns over mislabeling and adulterated products into the United States.

The big question is… is the U.S. ready for such a challenge? It will likely cause prices to increase. Your favorite EVOO may no longer ne available on the grocery store shelves. And it means you’ll have to play a role in demanding that safer, healthier, true-to-its-origins products are what you want on your kitchen counter.

Recently we took part in a conversation with our friends Nycci & David Nellis of WTOP’s Foodie and the Beast on the issue. Here’s a taste of what we chatted on and what you need to know!