The Power of Polyphenols

The Wonder-Factor in High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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The three most common questions about the superfood, extra virgin olive oil, are:

What are polyphenols?

What is the polyphenol level of your olive oils? 

How much should I consume each day?

Polyphenols are a class of antioxidant studied in olive oil. Hydroxytyrosol and oleocanthal are among the polyphenols studied.

Olive oil has been investigated for its benefits in preventing oxidative damage, increasing of HDL cholesterol, reducing of triglycerides, controlling and preventing diabetes, and for weight management.

We are excited to share this paper with you. 

Health Effects of Phenolic Compounds Found in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, By-Products, and Leaf of Olea europaea L. Published 1 August 2019 in the journal Nutrients.

Within this article extra virgin olive oils were classified as: 

Low-phenol (2.7 mg/kg)
Medium-phenol (164 mg/kg)
High-phenol (666 mg/kg)

During the study, three week prescription was for 25 mL per day. That’s 5 teaspoons, or a bit less than 2 Tablespoons. 

Notes from the conclusion:
“EVOO is a functional food with legal health claims, certified as cardioprotective. These characteristics are related to the content of minor polar compounds, in particular to HT [hydroxytyrosol] and its various derivatives. Therefore, among all dietary plans, a MD [Mediterranean Diet] based on the daily consumption of EVOO as a source of fat, is an ideal dietary model for its beneficial cardioprotective effects, longevity, and prevention of NCDs [chronic non-communicable disease]… Biological and biomedical activities of many secondary metabolites from Olea europaea L. have been scientifically demonstrated. Studies on the innovative use of standardized fractions in HT content as precursors for the synthesis of new biologically active molecules with rich bioavailability have already been processed. For this reason, the olive tree is an unmatched sustained resource for unique bioactive compounds with diverse health benefits.” (emphasis added by us)


As of 24 January 2022, these are our “top” polyphenol olive oils, and all fit the category of high polyphenols:

We are featuring our eight high-polyphenol Italian extra virgin olive oils, with ranging from 625 – 1068 mg/kg.

Intensity is the key word here. Starting with the highest level of polyphenols, these oils are intense, bitter, and peppery. The intensity of all characteristics becomes gradually milder down the list.

Le Tre Colonne Olisir, 1000+ (1088 mg/kg)

Le Tre Colonne Coratina (843 mg/kg)

Fonte di Foiano Grand Cru (850 mg/kg)

Fattoria Ramerino Dulcis (803 mg/kg)

Fonte di Foiano IGP Toscano (696 mg/kg)

Fonte di Foiano Zefiro (597 mg/kg)

Fattoria Ramerino Cultivar Frantoio (963 mg/kg)