Celebrate the New Olive Oil Harvest in Italy

frescolioimgIt’s here! We now celebrate the new harvest in Italy and the arrival of just-pressed olive oil, variously called Novello, Olio Nuovo, and Primo Raccolto.

This is the perfect time. As the seasons change, and the light days darken, we have fresh, lush, spicy extra virgin olive oil. Olive juice, really.


Make it a part of your Thanksgiving (or Christmas — or any holiday) as an appetizer called Pinzimonio. Drizzle fresh novello olive oil over your mashed potatoes. It’s fabulous as a finish over butternut squash, sprinkled with parsley.

Throughout the season, add fresh olive oil, as a condiment — drizzled over everything — or celebrate by dipping with simple fresh vegetables (Pinzimonio) or great bread.

Frescolio, the marvelous extra virgin olive oil shown here, is produced by Salvatore Cutrera and his family in Sicily. For the best olive oil, #knowtheproducer.

For more on the production of new olive oil, the highlight of the season, click here. All new arrivals are available through that link and list.