Authentically Grown: Get to Know Davide Borselli

Get to Know Davide Borselli, artisan producer at La Poderina Toscana. In mid June we visited Dr. Davide Borselli at La Poderina Toscana, in Montegiovi near Monte Amiata in the Grosseto province of Italy.

The View of Seggiana

Here we captured the charm of this vast area on the western side of the impressive Monte Amiata. Most striking was the this scene from Seggiano with hillside after hillside dedicated to olive trees.

As one stands at this view, you can quickly see these trees fill every crag and parcel.  They would be impossible to pick by mechanical harvester!

The oldest olive tree. Cared for by Davide Borselli.
One olive tree, over 1000 years old. A favorite of Davide Borselli at La Poderina Toscana!
A close up view of the oldest olive tree
A close up view of the oldest olive tree — still producing olives at La Poderina Toscana. The farm of Davide Borselli.
Every Step in Preparation for a Good Harvest

In late winter, they were carefully pruned. Dead wood was removed and the branching structure was carefully considered. Well trimmed, they allow light and breezes to the centers of the trees, preserve the branches that are strong enough to carry the abundant weight of a good season olives, and are kept to a height to allow for efficient hand picking.

Davide blends the old traditions with new methods. Old and younger trees, traditional methods, organic grasses, and testing milling equipment for the university all come together in the hands of this producer.


We invite you to visit and consider a purchase of the certified organic olive oil from these trees, La Poderina Toscana Oro DOP Seggianese Biologica and La Poderina Toscana Argento Bio.

With Oro you get a well balanced oil, perfect for enhancing cooked foods. Add this condiment to finish your steak, soups, or vegetables.
When Davide reaches for the Argento, he is pairing the notes with fresh, raw, preparations such as salads — or fish, shellfish, or meats served crudo.
Traveling to Tuscany? You can visit La Poderina Toscana in Montegiovi by clicking this link