The Glorious Pasta of Italy Cookbook

Domenica Marchetti’s Glorious Pasta of Italy Cookbook

Every now and then there’s a cookbook that becomes part of the family treasure, holding more memories than the sterling silver, to be passed through the generations. Years from now grandchildren will refer to the dates and notes in the margins and marvel over the recipes. That is my prediction for Domenica Marchetti’s Glorious Pasta of Italy.

With this book, I am tempted to place flour and eggs in a mound on the counter and start mixing. My daughters and I are looking forward to plying loops of pasta for Macheroni alla Mulinara Domus. Until then, top quality dry pasta (such as Pastificio Vicidomini’s selections) will have to suffice.
Spaghetti alla Carbonara (with Spaghetti Chitarra and Titone) kicked off our Glorious Pasta experiences. Our second meal was BLT Bucatini (olive oil: Crudo). On Friday night warm Sweet Pasta Puffs finished our al fresco meal late in the evening.Last night we enjoyed Gemelli with Fresh Herbs and Chopped Olives. (Our olive oil? Principe di Mascio).

This is a bit like sharing a family secret. Buy this book for the achievable recipes and the joy it will add to your meals with family and friends.

Visit Domenica’s blog, Domenica Cooks, for more ideas and recipes.


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