Speed Cameras in Italy

Watch for the Speed Cameras

Mama mia!  What happened to driving fast in Italy?!?!?

All over the place there are speed cameras now.  In most every tiny village, there is one of these things on the side of the road checking your speed.  On the highway, there’s a similar box.  When you see it, it’s too late.

Fortunately, they are all well marked and so you get plenty of warning.  But if you don’t know about them, you will soon get a ticket in the mail.

The locals seem to know where they are.  For example, driving on the E45 between Terni and Perugia, you see many signs about electronic speed control, but everybody seems to be driving at the usual 120 Km/hr – and then all of a sudden, those Audis that usually zoom past at 150 Km/hr slow down to 90 Km/hr, as if we all entered a time warp where everything shifts into slow motion.  Then just as suddenly, the Audis and you accelerate and you exit from the time warp.

A Public Service Announcement from Jeff (in Umbria) and Olio2go!


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