Saveur Guide to Italian Olive Oils, May 2010

Saveur Magazine, Italian Olive Oils, Titone and Zisola
Sicilian Selections

Saveur Magazine is featuring extra virgin olive oils in the print edition of the May issue, and online as well. We supplied a number of the Italian extra virgin olive oils.  One photo shows Capezzana but names our competitors. <sigh>

In an online feature, both Zisola and Titone made the cut.  And we were named as the merchant! They did a great job describing the attributes of both.

Zisola and Titone are shown center and right in the photo on the right.

The Italian olives are well described in A Glossary of Olives. Of course, our favorites are Frantoio, Leccino, Moriaolo, and Taggiasca. Curiosly, the first three are especially familiar to the oils from Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, and Lazio. Taggiasca olives are the dominant olive in Ligurian olive oils.  It seems the article fails to mention the notable olives of Sicily! Where goeth Cerasuola, Biancollila, and Nocellara?


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