Olive Oil Holidays

Our New Year’s Eve gathering gave us the opportunity to enjoy the foods we’d missed while traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With wine and champagne, we enjoyed an olive oil tasting with L’acropoli di Puglia Mosto 2007, Castellare in Castellina L’olionovo 2007, Gianfranco Becchina Olio Verde, and Sicilian Gold 2008. The men, in particular, raved over the Mosto, calling it raw, rustic, and even “gutsy”.

Antipasto Platters
Antipasto Platters

The antipasto platter was dressed with Olio Verde and Manicardi 12. The front platter served the “grown ups” while the second platter was somewhat simpler for the children.Our dessert featured Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar — divine with Villa Manodori Dark Cherry. My great-aunt Libby’s dessert/coffee (soft) biscotti were made using Castellare L’olionovo. Use our Contact Us form if you would like recipes!

Our pasta dishes included Cavatelli (a ricotta-based pasta) and a thin homemade pasta in which Olio Verde was added to the flour, eggs, and salt.


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