Karen’s Accidental Tomato Kale Salad

Vincotto Vinegar, Fig Selection from Calogiuri
Vincotto Vinegar, Fig Selection from Calogiuri

Olio2go’s customer, Karen, sent this fabulous recipe to share. We’re so surprised that it’s a hit. Who would think “kale” for a salad. This just may be a good excuse to consume more Vincotto Fig Vinegar!?

From Karen…OK here is my recipe that knocked the socks off everyone, even 18 year old boys.

Accidental Tomato Kale Salad
1 part finely sliced Kale (ribs removed of course)
1/2 part chopped Cilantro
1/2 part chopped basil
1/2 part chopped flat leaf parsley
super sweet small tomatoes halved
Fresh squeezed lime juice
fabulous olive oil (perhaps something from Sicily?)
salt and pepper
Toss all of this together and let sit for about ten minutes (the citrus tames the kale). Then serve in individual salad bowls. Sprinkle pine nuts and crumbled Feta on top. Add salt and pepper as preferred. Just before serving add your fabulous Vincotto Fig Vinegar and watch everyone gasp in delight, at this incredibly nutritious salad….
Thanks Karen!
It seems that we sell the most Vincotto Fig in multiple bottles or even full cases. It’s rich, and flavorful, with a hit of fig. (That’s “hit”, not “hint”).  Try it also on ice cream, as a glaze with roasted meats, or brush some on grilled peaches or pineapple. It’s also a thoughtful and flavorful gift for the host or hostess at summer parties.

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