De-Stoned Olive Oil, RARO Denocciolato Extra Virgin

What will they think of next? De-Stoned Olive Oil? To some producers, De-Stoned Olive Oil is a choice made for “better” flavor characteristics and some find the oil to be sweeter when the stones or pits are removed before pressing.

Vicidomini Pasta at Olio2go

Around here we’re calling it “Vici”  (VEE-chee) — that’s the Vicidomini artisanal pasta from a family that’s been making pasta commercially since 1812. (Do I hear an overture?) Vicidomini comes to us from near Salerno in Campania — the land Continue reading Vicidomini Pasta at Olio2go

Tastings…of Olive Oil from Tuscia and Sorrento

Excellent olive oil truly has the capacity to hold its flavor. I’ve been preparing food at home this week with Merlano DOP Tuscia. It does carry a best by date of 23 May 2009 (it’s on Olio2go’s Sale page), but wow, Continue reading Tastings…of Olive Oil from Tuscia and Sorrento