Best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Award winners

    One from each recognized producer! Fattoria Ramerino Primus Bio, La Poderina Toscana Oro Bio, Dievole DOP Chianti Classico, Quattrociocchi Olivastro Bio, Titone Bio DOP Valli Trapanesi, Rosso Grand Cru from Villa Zottopera, and Frantoi Cutrera Primo DOP.


Tops from Italy

The Award Season has concluded and the folks at World’s Best Olive Oil have compiled the scores of olive oils at 15 major international competitions. This analysis of winners is very interesting. We suggest that you read the calculations and points scheme.

In the Best Olive Oils category, we count Titone DOP Biologica and Frantoi Cutrera Primo DOP among the world’s best extra virgin olive oils.

In the Best Olive Oil Mills category, Dievole in Tuscany and Frantoi Cutrera in Sicily are granted great recognition for their mills and processes. That’s Salvatore Cutrera (Frantoi Cutrera) and Marco Scanu (Dievole) in the photo below.


Our Italian producers were very well recognized for their Organic Mills (all in the Top 25): Titone, La Poderina Toscana, Villa Zottopera, Olio Quattrociocchi, Frantoi Cutrera, and Fattoria Ramerino. The Organic Mills Producers are shown here.

Organic, biologica, olive oil, producers from Italy
The best six organic producers in Italy.

Clockwise from top left: Filippi Alampi of Fattoria Ramerino, Davide Borsello of La Poderina Toscana, Americo Quattrociocchi from Olio Quattrociocchi, Giuseppe Rosso from Villa Zottopera, Antonella Titone from Titone, Salvatore Cutrera from Frantoi Cutrera.

Click here to view the lists of the Mills, with Organic Mills noted at the bottom of the page.