A Curated Collection: Olive Oil Award Winners

Imagine that you spent your lifetime tending the family’s groves… toiling to prune, worrying about the weather, keeping pests at bay, and in the end, each and every year, producing an olive oil that met the high standards of the Continue reading A Curated Collection: Olive Oil Award Winners

College Class: Olive Oil Tasting

College Classes on Olive Oil Tasting? That would be our wish. How about a super nutrition class on why good food is better and worth the effort? Does anyone know of a liberal arts seminar on this? Until then, we’re Continue reading College Class: Olive Oil Tasting

A New Year in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monday was a day filled with excitement as the first 2011 harvest olive oils reached our warehouse. First to arrive? Olio Verde Novello, Capezzana Olio Nuovo, and Frescobaldi Laudemio First Pressing.

Beyond Extra Virgin

We’re thrilled with today’s article in the Washington Post. Jane Black reveals the new Association 3E, Super Premium Olive Oil — and we have one at Olio2go. In fact, it’s selling quickly. It is Davide Borselli’s La Poderina Toscana. You can Continue reading Beyond Extra Virgin

Memoirs of Italy

A Month in Medieval Volpaia Tuscany is a charming brief memoir.  Robert  and Patricia Crosby capture their full weeks in September and October. These are the slower days of late summer and early fall, after the tourists have left. Robert Continue reading Memoirs of Italy

Olive Oil Tasting: An Italian in California

We recently traveled to California to take part in the Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Course presented by the UC Davis Olive Center and the California Olive Oil Council. Have no fear; we have not strayed from our mission to provide exclusively Continue reading Olive Oil Tasting: An Italian in California

The Glorious Pasta of Italy Cookbook

Every now and then there’s a cookbook that becomes part of the family treasure, holding more memories than the sterling silver, to be passed through the generations. Years from now grandchildren will refer to the dates and notes in the Continue reading The Glorious Pasta of Italy Cookbook

12 Italian Award Winners at the Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition

Olive Oil Award Winners: 2011 Los Angeles Competition The last major awards of the olive oil year were bestowed last week at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition. (They have an impressive wine competition, too!)