Branzino Makes the Salad

We’ve been enjoying Branzino on these late summer days. This is our new favorite recipe. Assemble the following for a perfect late-summer salad: Arugula (4 oz) Green Beans (1 lb) Baby potatoes (2 lbs) tossed with extra virgin olive oil* Continue reading Branzino Makes the Salad

Heart Healthy Recipes from Italy and Chiarentana

Our friend Donata Origo, of Chiarentana has provided three heart-healthy, traditional Tuscan recipes for us to share with you. For each recipe she recommends her favorite extra virgin olive oil. 


Are you ready for the olive oil challenge? Did your olive oil come from grocery store shelves? Perhaps golden-green in color, labeled to perfection, and eagerly awaiting its final home on the kitchen counter of home cooks everywhere. You count on Continue reading IS THE US READY FOR THE OLIVE OIL CHALLENGE?

What’s In Your Pours? #knowtheproducer

What’s In Your Pours? And how do you know? #knowtheproducer Those are the questions behind our newest campaign, #knowtheproducer, and the reason we take such great pride in working with our producers to bring you the best of the best Continue reading What’s In Your Pours? #knowtheproducer